Throwback Tracks

Throwback Tracks

Music is therapy. Music is love. Music is freedom, hope, and nostalgia. Nothing lifts my mood quite like some thumb-tapping, head-bobbing, fist-pumping, kick ass tunes. So in observance of Throwback Thursday, I decided to go through my music and hand-select some seasoned songs that take me down memory lane, and inspire creativity.

1. Bloc Party – Blue Light
2. Outkast – Life is Like a Musical
3. Wilco – Jesus, Etc.
4. Under the Influence of Giants – Mama’s Room
5. The Roots – What They Do
6. Beck – Earthquake Weather
7. MGMT – Electric Feel
8. Outkast – Spottieottiedopalicious
9. Kings of Leon – Radioactive
10. Jeff Buckley – Dream Brother
11. The Strokes – Automatic Stop
12. Silverchair – Tomorrow

What are some of your favorite throwback tracks?


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