10 Benefits of Lemon Balm

The herb Lemon Balm (also called Melissa officinalis) is part of the mint family and has powerful stress relief & immune system boosting benefits. Here are just some of the amazing qualities of this underrated herb:

1. Reduces anxiety
2. Promotes/aids in sleep
3. Induces feelings of calm and relaxation
4. Alleviates symptoms of indigestion
5. Topical anti-inflammatory treatment
6. Rich in caffeic acid and rosmarinic acid; these are antioxidants
7. Contains antibacterial and antiviral properties
8. Reduces redness and itching from infections and eczema
9. Can be used to treat insect bites
10. Can be used to treat herpes simplex virus on the skin

I mainly use lemon balm for stress relief, and do feel that I helps me feel calm and relaxed, especially in environments where I may feel agitated (like at work!)

Of course, I drop some lemon balm extract into my Yogi Honey Lavender stress relief tea and voila! A calming concoction that can’t miss.

Xo Steph


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