Finding Your Voice

Sometimes we are drowned in a dizzying ocean of noise. We become distracted by the endless tasks and demands that are placed on us daily. It becomes familiar to fall in line, to follow orders, to be a “yes” man (or woman), and to forget about our own needs.

I find myself struggling to find my voice, and I know I’m not alone – it’s true for many people, and women in particular. Our throat chakra is closed, and this block causes disturbances in the flow of our vital energy, the prana or life force. Not only is this emotionally and mentally unsettling, but it causes undue stress and subsequent health issues.

How do we find that transition from a whisper to a roar? I’m still learning this myself, and as I continue on my journey through yoga practice and come back from Kripalu, I’ll have more answers.

But I have found that one small way we can honor ourselves and our voice is by listening to our intuition. Listening to our bodies, that always guide us if we just pay attention. You know when you have that gut feeling about something? The feeling in the pit of your stomach saying, “this is a really awful idea, don’t do it!” We need to trust that more. Learn to say no. Take care of ourselves first.

When we go through life, something we naturally do is find qualities in others that we wish to have in ourselves. It’s important to know what these things are, to consciously say, “I can be that way too, and use it as a tool in life”. We take pieces of people who inspire us, with us. For example, I’ve always admired candor in others. The ability to be an open book, and turn the page or shrug it off when someone judges. This is a quality I’m working on adopting for myself. And it’s going to stick. It has to. Because I can’t just exist. I want to LIVE like every second on this earth matters, and makes a difference. To me, life needs to have meaning.

Finding your voice circles back to the idea of being your authentic self. The authentic self is the witness. It’s the self that sits behind the screen of our thoughts and simply observes, without judging or trying to change anything. This is the self that will take us through life peacefully, if we give it a chance.


xo Steph

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