Travel Adventures: Puerto Rico


My boyfriend was born on the island of Puerto Rico, in a city called Carolina. His grandparents, aunt, godmother, and other relatives still call Puerto Rico home. Since his grandmother is not doing well and he is extremely close with his family in PR, we decided to make a trip there (we went last week for six days).

Shown above is a photo of Condado Beach in San Juan, which was our front yard for five glorious sunrises and sunsets. I loved the pulse of San Juan, the enthusiasm and pride of its inhabitants, and the ever-present wonder of the ocean.









I fell in love with Old San Juan. The brightly-painted rowhouses, the stately Capital building, the gorgeous Governor’s mansion, the sprawling lawn overlooking the ocean, the Princess walk, the cobblestone streets, the charm and the beauty of it all captivated me.




We borrowed John’s abuelo’s truck at 5:30 am on Thursday morning, drove it an hour from San Juan to the town of Fajardo, where a ferry would take us to the island of Culebra. Culebra happens to be the 3rd best beach in the WORLD. Needless to say, John was excited to take me there, and I was more than happy to travel to the famous beach. Standing in line with other tourists and islanders, we heard an announcement. I don’t speak Spanish, but John does fluently. I saw his face fall. He didn’t need to tell me. I knew the ferry to Culebra had sold out, and we wouldn’t be going.

There was, however, an alternative. We went to the island of Vieques. It was beautiful. There were wild horses grazing in the grass, palm trees served as our umbrella and relief from the scorching sun, and crystal clear water that felt like a bath.

I would recommend a trip to Puerto Rico to anyone who wants to experience fantastic beaches, food, and culture.

My next project: learn to speak Spanish fluently!

xo Steph

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