Practicing Self-Care

Some of the ways we practice self-care are a little less obvious than others, but equally as deserving of our attention and celebration. The usual ways a woman might treat herself: a pedicure, a piece of cheesecake, an expensive bottle of wine, a yoga class, a chick flick, an uninterrupted bubble bath, glazing over into food-admiring oblivion while watching re-runs of the Barefoot Contessa…the list goes on. Indirect ways a woman might practice self-care: not engaging in approval-seeking behavior (I mean, who really cares how many “likes” that Instagram pic generated anyway?), not pinching the fat cells on the back of her arm to see if they’ve shrunk and/or magically disappeared (oh wait, maybe that’s just me), not participating in gossip or other toxic chatter, taking a break from the news or social media (or breaking up with them completely), letting her hair go wild and free instead of styling it to an unnatural state, etc.

I’ve found that cultivating an awareness which allows us to recognize those small ways that we treat ourselves, is key. Writing them down is even better. The less we complicate our lives, the better. In other words, we can practice self-care in simple ways. Perhaps in such simple ways, that we just tend to overlook them.

By practicing self-care, and celebrating yourself for that practice, you’re able to find gratitude. For yourself, for others, and for your life.


xo Steph


4 thoughts on “Practicing Self-Care

  1. I really like this post =) Women (and even men) tend to not even notice how they rely on others to boost themselves up, or even how they put themselves down. Great advice =)

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