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It’s funny how the mind functions. Not like Jim Carrey funny. More like, A Clockwork Orange funny. Which isn’t really funny at all. Anyway, now that I’ve gone off on a mini-tangent..I promise there’s a point to all of this.

So yesterday morning, somewhere between silently muttering profanities to myself about my fellow commuters’ driving incompetence, a great blog post idea dawned on me. I vowed to commit it to memory, write it up and publish it immediately upon arriving home from work at day’s end. Of course, by 3 pm, several meetings, headaches, and desperate cups of coffee later, the brilliant idea had wandered away. There were no details, only the distant memory of knowing it was a damn cool thought.

I sighed deeply, feeling defeated, and stuck my earbuds back in, reluctantly turning my attention back to the riveting task at hand and drowning out the white noise (literally…we have white noise pumped into our British, nouveau open-concept floor plan at work) with my favorite tunes.

Shuffle. Skip. Skip. Aha! Wilco. One of my most beloved bands. I sank back into my ergonomic chair and tapped my TOMS wedges, feeling quite content, if for a few moments.

Wait. That was it! The blog post idea! Some of my favorite things! Wilco…favorites. Passion. The things that glitter my world.

When I was at Kripalu for my yoga teacher training, brilliant author, psychotherapist, and yoga adept Stephen Cope spoke with us about the ancient text the Bhagavad Gita, and it’s main theme, which is dharma. Dharma means your life’s purpose. What you were meant to do. Your legacy; your destiny.

It’s not always clear what my dharma is, and I’m sure many people can relate to that. When Stephen started speaking to is about dharma, I felt overwhelmed, and skeptical. I didn’t know where to begin. How do I find out what I’m meant to do, and who I’m destined to become?

His next instructions surprised me. He told is all to take out a sheet of paper, and he’d give is 5 minutes to jot down all of the things that light us up. The things in our life that give us energy, joy, purpose, and fill us with electricity and excitement.

I encourage you to try this simple exercise. Right now. If for nothing more than to remind yourself of the many things to be grateful for…go for it. Take out a sketch pad, a journal, or maybe start a new blog post.

Stephen gave us a way to narrow these things down, and give more focus to unveiling our dharma. I’ll explain this in a later post. For now, just start with a list of things that “light you up”. To get you started, here’s my list:

Things I love:
Kundalini Yoga
Yoga Nidra
Whole Living
Organic Food
Eating/Buying Local
The Greek salad @ Tapas restaurant (best dressing ever)
The smell of an orange (comforting)
Keller Williams’ music
Old British romance novels and movie adaptations
Popcorn, stovetop style (obvs) 🙂
Eastern philosophy
SNL digital shorts
Kalamata olives
Afternoon sunshine
Fall foliage
Pumpkin everything
Everything to do with weddings
Ben Harper
Eddie vedder
Ryan Adams
String cheese
Bare feet
Coffee. Tea. Wine. Chocolate.
Working out
Chocolate covered strawberries – heaven!!

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