The Work of Your Life


It’s no secret that I love to write.  Once in awhile, I take a stab at poetry…

The Work of Your Life

The work of your life is calling
It is up to you to answer
First, get quiet
Make space for stillness.
Be the seeker.
Find the fire within.
You may search inside
And find only coals sizzling
On the hearth of your spirit
But look closer, friend
Do you see the smoke
That still rises from the ashes
Of wounded dreams?
The fire awaits kindling;
Action and self-inquiry.
Fan the flames, friend
Overcome limitations
Set by your own inner critic.
Silence the voice
That beckons stagnation and mediocrity.
Stand on the platform
At the edge of insecurity, and
Dive into self-assured intention.
I say, dream on my friend
You may find that the work of your life
Has no end.

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