Private Yoga Instruction

What To Expect 

Initial Consultation

Each student will receive an initial analysis, during which we’ll have a conversation about your personal goals, health concerns, and questions you may have, in order to design your unique yoga practice.

Tailored Classes

Students will receive yoga lessons that have been crafted to address their specific needs and goals.  Stephanie will provide props needed to support your body and modify poses as necessary (bolsters, cushions, blankets, blocks, straps, & relaxing lavender eye pillows).

Hands-on Adjustments

Adjustments and assists will be given in order to ensure proper alignment, invite deep relaxation and focus, and enhance your yoga practice.  This personal attention is intended to allow deep personal inquiry and transformation to take place with regular practice.

Home Program

Stephanie will carefully construct a home program unique to the student, so they may practice as often as possible to achieve their goals.

Ongoing Evaluation

A student’s unique plan will be continually assessed and modified based on how the student is progressing.  Yoga is a lifetime practice.  The student’s plan will be adjusted with the student’s budget and timeline in mind, with regularly scheduled private lessons to sustain the benefits of yoga.

Private Sessions