Review: The Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Brow Wiz


“Eyebrows make a face.” We’ve all heard the saying before, and if you’ve seen those hilarious photo-shopped pics of celebrities without brows, you know it’s true. Even Angelina Jolie looks terrible without eyebrows.

So it makes perfect sense that a brand would be created that is devoted to beautifying eyebrows. Now if you’re an 80’s baby like me, you probably went through a phase where plucking your eyebrows down to practically nothing was a trend. That was the worst trend ever! Now we’re left trying to pick up the pieces and take back our brows! I still have bare patches…they make me sad. I’ve been using cold-pressed Castor oil at night before I go to bed to hopefully grow them back (Castor oil is available at Vitamin Shoppe, it’s around 8 bucks).


But despite the barely-there brow trend that ravaged and wrecked our eyebrows, thanks to Anastasia Beverly Hills, we don't have to wait for our brows to grow back and return to their full, beautiful state. This Brow Wiz is fool-proof, incredibly easy to control, glides on to the skin like silk, and looks completely natural. I ordered the Soft Brown shade. It's perfect for the start of my brows, but I'm finding that when I get to the end, it's a tad too light. So, I'm going to order the next darker shade for mid-to-end brow.

My one criticism about the Brow Wiz is it's lack of staying power. It will last you a few hours, but certainly not through the entire day. But the good news is that it's portable, so you can feel free to pop it in your purse and do a couple touch-ups during the day.

For the reason stated above, I'm going to try some of Anastasia Beverly Hills other products, specifically, the Dipbrow Pomade. Hopefully this will stay better! Other than that, the Brow Wiz is my favorite product I've ever tried for filling in and creating gorgeous eyebrows to complement and frame your face.

I'm going to be doing a YouTube video tutorial soon that covers all things eyebrows – how to shape and fill them, plus other tips and tricks!

Leave your comments and questions for me and I'll be happy to answer any!

xo Steph