Thanks Stephanie, Your gift of finding the right pace for my yoga class was so good for me. You taught me how to reduce my everyday stress and enjoy life.

Christina Brzoska

Stephanie’s instruction was the perfect balance of yoga positions to help increase my flexibility and focused breathing to calm my body, mind, and spirit.  Her well-rounded class left me calm, limber and clear-minded.  Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti…

Allyce Nowak

Practicing yoga with Stephanie was a true delight.  She offers a safe, welcoming space that allows me to fully explore myself during our classes together.  Her wisdom shines through her offerings in the form of compassion, strength, and love. [Symone Rosette is the founder of Transcendence Yoga, and a dedicated philanthropist]

Symone Rosette

As a broken down former athlete closing in on 60 years of age, I’m a firm believer in yoga.  When I started taking classes with Stephanie I learned some new stretches that for the first time got to my pain areas and provided much needed relief.

Bob B.

Practicing yoga with Stephanie was a wonderful experience.  Her presence is so calming and it was the perfect way to end my day and relax after chasing around my kids all day!

Courtney B.