the dharma mindset

What is Dharma?

Dharma refers to an individual’s life purpose.  Without getting too heady, dharma is about your duty to your true gift.

Some people are already living their dharma.  You’ll recognize these people by the shining light in their eyes.  By the energy and passion they bring to their work.  These are the people who become so engrossed in a project, they forget to eat, or take a bathroom break.

The Good News is…There Are Signs All Around

One thing that has helped me move closer to my dharma, is being hyper aware of the potential signs all around.  These messages can show up in unexpected conversations, an animal you keep crossing paths with (for me, it’s a hawk), a fantastically painted sunrise, or a gut feeling.  Stay in tune with where the universe is trying to navigate you, and simply allow.  Observe with curiosity.  Take steps toward your gift, nurture the gift, and soon you’ll be living your dharma.

What About You?  

Do you have that nagging sense like you’re meant for something more? That you’re not aligned with your purpose? That you can…simply do better in your life?

Well, then you already possess the Dharma Mindset. Congratulations! You are a seeker! You are interested in growth, change, and being your best YOU. You’re already in the smallest percentile of the population who WILL be successful. Stick with it. And know that I’m always here to help.

xo – Stephanie

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